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Transfer Services and Fees for Purchases from WALSER’S

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Currently there is a "bug" in the Shooting Store design that cannot properly handle transfer fees. If we include transfer fees, the program applies it to every item in the store, which obviously is not correct. If we do not include transfer fees, the program improperly places random balloons on products that displays there are no transfer fees, which is also wrong and the way it is currently set up. Firearm purchases do have $37.19 California DOJ fees (not taxable) and our very low $50 transfer fee per firearm (subject to sales tax) for firearms purchased through our store.

Ammunition purchases have a $1 background check (if you are already in the state system) that only takes a few minutes to process. If you are not in the CA DOJ system with registered firearms, you will have a $19 background check that usually takes about ten days to complete and it is only good for a one time use.

Because of the recent extreme purchasing of firearms and ammunition, it is not possible to timely maintain our on-line inventory presentation of products. Our physical store and on-line store inventories change daily with many new additions and resulting customer fulfillment. We are very fortunate to be receiving firearms and ammunition frequently. Ammunition remains to be the biggest challenge to meet demand, but our firearm offering is being sustained well above average for the current industry situation.

The Shooting Store is not currently allowing you to see inventory availability or place orders, but we hope to have that service return soon. Please browse the many items to see what you want and email us the item numbers and we will respond with availability and how to order.
Of course, we also stock and can special order many other products that are not shown in the Shooting Store. Please email us your requests.

Thank you for your patience!


We have a variety of these old targets for you to enjoy.


Quantity limited to 10 per customer per day.


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