Drafting Equipment

Alvin PXB Laminated Parallel Straightedge White Board

Offers stability plus working comfort. PXB provides the convenience of a studio work surface in a compact, portable unit with a rugged, attractive, warp-free white Melamine® laminate that offers a smooth clean drawing surface . . . anywhere you work. In addition, the brushed aluminum finish of the straightedge enhances the appearance and provides a stain-resistant pressure point.

Order Quantity Mfr. No. Item Number Size (inches) Price
ALV PXB21 20824 16" x 21" $90.00 plus S & H
ALV PXB24 20826 18" x 24" $98.10 plus S & H
ALV PXB26 20828 20" x 26" $100.80 plus S & H
ALV PXB31 20830 23" x 31" $121.50 plus S & H
ALV PXB36 20832 24" x 36" $130.50 plus S & H
ALV PXB42 20834 31" x 42" $157.50 plus S & H



ALVIN Tech-Liner Superpoint Drawing Pen Set

Order Quantity ALV TLP5 .....Item #94896 $10.76 plus S & H



Koh-I-Noor Technical Pen Set

These pens feature replaceable nibs and refillable ink cartridges and color coding according to nib size.

This kit includes a wide range of widths including:

These seven pens come in a hinged plastic case with your first bottle of waterproof black India drawing ink and nib keys for easy nib replacement. This kit also includes easy to follow instructions on use cleaning and storing of your technical pens.

Order Quantity KIN 3165-SP-7......Item #22112 $114.88 plus S & H



ALVIN Spin-O-Tray

A "not-so-lazy-Susan" featuring lots of compartment space!

Order Quantity ALV 9893-2 (Black).....Item #20794.....$14.18 plus S & H



 Telescoping Plastic Carrying & Storage Tube

This tube has a 3" inside diameter and unique design that permits telescoping from fully closed 27" length to fully extended 48.5" length.

Order Quantity ALV TS2 .....Item #22716.....$25.88 plus S & H


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