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After serving the South Bay community for over forty-two years as "The Creative Place" in Torrance by offering high quality art supplies, office products and digital media, WALSER’S is closing the art store portion to begin a new chapter offering tactical and sporting products to the general public and law enforcement.

We have also been providing a community service with our Recycling Center for twelve years, which has primarily been for electronic waste and metals.  For many years our recycling also included major appliances, paper, cardboard, plastic and glass. Unfortunately, our costs have always exceeded any minor revenue from the program and this has escalated beyond reasonable amounts without any government financial support. The moral support from the public and government agencies has always been greatly appreciated. Therefore, we have closed our beloved program and we thank everyone for participating and doing the right thing to help keep hazardous things out of landfills.

To celebrate these changes, WALSER’S is liquidating all the Art, Office, Drafting and Digital Products. We also have many office desks, chairs, file cabinets, flat files, display fixtures, shelving, pallet racks at very cheap prices. Stop by every day to see new things being brought out. Take advantage of this opportunity for great savings before it is all gone. Our current inventory of over 20,000 of these professional products will go fast. Sale pricing is limited to stock on hand and does not apply to clearance items. All sale items are final and no returns will be accepted.

Our new tactical product line already includes ammunition, cleaning accessories, knives, sharpening tools, personal protection items, targets, safes and many accessories. Coming soon will be firearms and training instruction for gun cleaning, firearm safety and self-defense.

Thank you for many years of loyalty and friendship.


Extra 30% OFF all Art, Office, Drafting and Digital Products


Extra 50% OFF all LOOSE Fine Art Paper Sheets and Boards

This includes all loose watercolor papers, drawing papers, pastel papers, decorative papers, mat boards, illustration boards, mounting boards, foam core boards, etc. We will even apply this same discount to loose sheets of polyester, acetate and other plastics.

Unlike many places that promote clearances at discounts "up to" some arbitrary percentage, we are truly discounting ALL the liquidation items at ADDITIONAL percentages OFF our everyday discounted prices. This means that the sale prices are actually the stated "Extra Discount" plus our everyday discounted percentages of 10% or more off their retail prices. These liquidation savings are quite exceptional!

Sale pricing is limited to stock on hand and does not apply to clearance items. All sale items are final and no returns will be accepted.




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