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Ammunition, Firearm Accessories, Gun Cleaning Supplies, Knives and Safes are here now.








Ammunition - Gun Cleaning Supplies - Targets - Holsters - Optics - Magazine Loaders - Field Cameras - Self Defense - Pepper Sprays - Hand Gun Cases - Rifle Cases - Shot Gun Cases - Rubber Training Guns - Ear Protection - Eye Protection - Handcuffs

Firearms will be available in a few months.


488 Amapola Avenue

Torrance, California 90501-1474

Creative Store Hours
Monday - Saturday 9:30 am to 5:30 pm
Sunday Closed
Recycle Center Hours
Monday - Saturday

10:00 am to 4:00 pm ONLY

Hours are Pacific Time
Los Angeles, California


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We need to hire dedicated, hard working employees for our Retail Store and Recycling Center. Click here to download a copy of our Employment Application. Complete the application and send it to us via email to service@walsers.com or mail it through the U.S. postal system to our new address above.


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We are also an E-Waste, Appliance and Metal Recycle Collection Center. For more information and a list of our recycle services, click here to download our recycle flyer.


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